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Mr Dog Poop's Virtual DNA Lab & Crime Lab® Database

All new for 2021, Mr Dog Poop is going full e-commerce and offering a completely virtual DNA lab service for multi-family communities. After almost a decade of working with thousands of communities across the United States, we have refined our service to make it the fastest, most efficient dog poop DNA testing program possible. Best of all, we have made it inexpensive and easy to use.

How It Works

  • Anyone can create an account online instantly.
  • Order only the supplies you want (no minimum order, no requirements).
  • Swab each dogs cheek, (not their poop) at your convenience and mail us those swabs to add each dog's DNA to your private database.
  • If you do find dog poop on the property, mail us the poop and we will match the poop's DNA to the swabs sent in previously.
  • We operate as your virtual DNA lab. We will email you match results as well as posting all the data online in your account.

No need for approvals, contracts or complicated agreements. No minimums or long term commitments, use the service as you need it, when you need it.

Step 1
Create Your Community Account

Sign up for a Crime Lab® Database account so that all the community member's information and dog DNA data can be stored and compared later for possible poop matches. The account will be your portal to support, training resources, ordering supplies and paying for any services you need. To activate the account, you can either fill in our online form to apply for a monthly billing account or enter a credit card to make payments.

Step 2.
Order Supplies & Read Instructions

From your account you can select the supplies you need, swabbing kits, poop collection kits, return envelopes etc. Use our supply cost estimator to get an idea of what you should order.

To get started, the only supplies you really need are a few of the swabbing kits to begin registering dogs, but it is always a good idea to have a few of the poop collection kits, just in case you do have an incident.

Read the Dog Swabbing Instructions and the Dog Poop DNA Collection Instructions and contact us if you have any questions, 5 minutes on the phone with our staff before you start will save you from making costly mistakes.

Swab The Dogs in Your Community

Dog DNA swabbing is typically done over a year as new members of the community move in or existing members renew their leases. In the case of HOA's and COA's, the time frame is more dependent on what the bylaws allow.

Using the kits provided by Mr Dog Poop, each dog will be rubbed on the inner cheek (see demo video) with a foam swab to collect some of the loose buccal cells.

The swab kits will be packed up and mailed to us, your "Virtual Dog Poop DNA Lab", where Mr Dog Poop's lab techs will process the DNA and post the digital DNA profiles in your account, giving you fast no hassle results. You just drop samples in your mailbox and watch as they are posted online in a matter of days.

Step 4.
Collecting Poop Samples

In the event that having each dogs DNA in the Crime Lab® Database was not enough to deter all the community members from leaving behind their pet waste, you will need to collect a sample and send it to your virtual DNA lab. Dog Poop DNA Collection Instructions are provided to help identify which samples to collect and how to get the best DNA result.

Step 5.
Get Poop Results & Impose Fines

Lab results on poop typically take 7-10 days and if matches are made, an email is sent notifying you of the match with a "Certificate Of Analysis". If the samples does not match any of the community dogs, the sample remains in an unsolved crime folder and will continue to be checked against all new dogs being added to your Crime Lab Database for the next year.

So even if the culprit has been hiding in a closet or just has not been swabbed yet, as soon as we do get a swab from that dog, the match will be emailed to you and posted in your account.

Then you will have to confront the seriously unhappy camper and collect the fine! Ask for CA$H!

Training & Program Management Resources

Mr Dog Poop® provides all the resources needed to manage each community's dog poop DNA program. From sample notification letters, lease addendum, instruction sheets, training videos, training articles, direct phone and email support, supplies and the complete lab processing of DNA samples with the Crime Lab® Poop Matching Database. We make every effort to provide all the resources and help requested by our communities necessary to train each community staff member to maximize the effectiveness of their dog poop DNA program and minimize their costs.

Mr Dog Poop® offers the most comprehensive and affordable dog poop DNA program available in the United States. Working with communities to bring forensic science to their doorstep and catch those pesky poopetrators that are leaving dog poop everywhere. If the FBI can use DNA technology to enforce the law, why can't HOAs, COAs and Property managers? Well, up until now, it was just too expensive, but  Mr Dog Poop has changed all that with $4.95 collection kits and an additional $30.00 for processing the DNA in our lab. A very small price to pay to end the dog poop problems.

MR DOG POOP® did not invent DOG POOP DNA TESTING, We just made it affordable!

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